How to apply?

14th Dance Days Chania

CHANIA 20.01.2024

We are glad to announce the Open Call for VIDEO DANCE Works submissions of applications for participating in Dance Days Chania 2024.

We cite below the terms and conditions for participating in the festival and its mode of operation (modus operandi).

>> Video Dance Works Open Call <<

Video Dance section encourages national and international submissions of film made after 2019, which uniquely reflect a strong visual language and introduce challenging and inspiring choreographies made for the camera.

Applications submission for Video Dance works dates are from January 20th until March 25th 2024 (20.01 – 25.03.2024, 00:00 Greek time)  at our website: .



A1. General terms of submissions

A1.1. Interested parties may submit their application as an individual or/and as a group

A1.2. The length of the works must not exceed 10min, otherwise will be disqualified at once

A1.3. The production of the video must have been completed after January 1st, 2019

A1.4. Accepting the application’s terms of participation in the Festival binds the participants to its requirements

A1.5. Every applicant is allowed to submit (one) artistic proposal


A2. Special conditions of participation

Participation in the Festival with a video dance work requires:

– Link of the Video with the proposing work (total duration of the work not a trailer) through a web platform (Youtube, Vimeo)

– 1 Video stills

– Brief description (up to 100 words)


The required material can be send in one email to [email protected] and the video must be uploaded in a valid platform (YouTube, Vimeo).

Accepted Screening Formats:

Frame Rate: 24,25 FPS

File Formats: MP4 video with AAC audio

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (1080p. 16:9)


For the participation of a Video Dance work no fee, transportation and accommodation costs are provided.


1. Applications which will not include the above material and documents, per case, will be considered incomplete for evaluation and therefore invalid.

2. Necessary condition for the valid submission of a proposal is the completion of the published application form which can be found at

3. The 14th Dance Days Chania Festival, most likely, will take place from July 20th to August 4th 2024 in Chania, Crete, Greece.

4. Performances, parallel events (video dance projects, site specific performances, lectures e.t.c.) are taking place at indoor theaters, outdoor theaters or other suitable venues and cultural points in Chania.

5. All accepted applying entities will be notified through email along with details of presentation.


All selected dance films, the relevant texts and stills etc. submitted to Dance Days Chania 2024 may be used as materials for public screenings and publicity.  All selected entry applications submitted will automatically authorize the Dance Festival to use and edit these submitted videos, text, stills and their related elements for promotional purposes at no cost.

The applying entity should ensure that they have been granted the legal rights to use all copyrighted elements such as music, text, images and other media forms in the video for public broadcasting, so that all elements in the submitted video can be used and broadcasted by the Festival in its public screening activities and online platforms.


D1. The Festival’s organizers are responsible for the promotion of the Festival and its participants with:

– Posters

– Programs

– Flyers

– Further printed and audiovisual material

– Promotion via mass media (press conferences, advertising spots)

– Promotion via electronic press


D2. The participants may be advertised in the Festival as follows:

Providing each advertising material regarding their participation (photographs, video) to the organizers to be used:

a1.For the Festival’s promotion

a2.For the individual promotion of their work

Thank you very much and we are looking forward for your proposals!

Organized by:

Syn-Kinisi” Association of Expressive Dance

Artistic Director
Sofia Falierou

Video Dance section curator
Aliki Chiotaki


Dance Days Chania Organizing Team