Tsompanaki Eleni – Community dance: creative dance as a vehicle for communication for individuals 60+ and children 8+

Two mixed groups, of opposing ages, with different experiences. Their common point is the body and movement. From one hand, in the society we live in, the elderly appear to have limited opportunities or perhaps limited space to express themselves, to create, to narrate their experiences. How can a body that has collected so many experiences, not having opportunities to ‘talk’ about them? These bodies must be ‘heard’. And on the other hand, we have young children, with future ahead of them, without many experiences, but with inexhaustible energy, imagination and creativity. These two mixed groups have much to share and transmit. How would a grandmother dance with her grandchild? How would a child feel if he/she heard a story from his/her grandmother and could relate emotionally to it? Could this become dance? Can older individuals truly understand a child’s needs? Could they communicate through movement? Think about it! Reminiscing, transmission of experiences, coexistence, cooperation, deeper communication, sharing, acceptance of diversity and a genuine respect, are the essential and primary objectives of the seminar.

Dance Days Chania workshop

Community dance gives space for personal exploration, and its influence on society through the semiotic dimensions of dance. Participants will engage in a creative unraveling and decoding of movement, an externalisation of situations and emotions in an individual and in group level. This experimentation will lead to a synthesis based on their personal artistry. A choreographic composition will be structured and presented by them, for them…

Dr Tsompanaki Eleni

She obtains three higher education degrees from English universities, such as Bachelor in Dance and Professional Practice (Coventry University), Master of Philosophy in Dance and Theatre Arts (University of Birmingham), PhD in Dance in Education (University of Birmingham). She has taught contemporary dance, creative dance, improvisation and somatics at Coventry University, Greek National School of Dance and in various amateur dance schools in England, Athens and Thessaloniki. She was a basic coordinator and a teacher of primary school teachers in the ‘Melina Programme: Education and Culture’, in the Operational Programme “Education and Lifelong Learning” Education of Roma children” and a lecturer in educational programmes for diversity groups, minorities and special needs. Moreover, she gives lectures about semiotics of dance and community dance on postgraduate courses at the University of Western Macedonia  and the  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Since 2015, she is artistic director of the Model Dance School of the Municipality of Kalamaria.



22 – 23 July

For information and registrations email to: dd.ch.workshops@gmail.com

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