Toula Limnaios & Ralf Ollertz

Fascination and Violence: „the horde“

A specific topic will be developed in this workshop, focused on a drawing shown on stage …

The experiences gained during the creative process will be translated into improvisations and short choreographic sequences.

The goal is to experience different compositional principles, to develop dynamics and movement quality in order to achieve an individual expression into a group. Being immersed in a creative process who combines the dialog between dance and music, being guided by the composer Ralf R. Ollertz, who will compose within the music for this drawing. who determines whom? Music the dance? Or dance the music? Is there an independence between the two arts?



There are no “recipes” to choreograph. As time goes by, a personal signature develops, but each piece is a new challenge. Through different themes, different research are required and the resulting search for an & “original” movement language in correspondence to the subject, the search for adequate compositional means to develop the dramaturgically important inner thread, an inner logic of the composition, and how to transport those ideas to other universes, and move other people in their inner. The focus is on a physical dance, as an expression and reflection of our epoch, the time in which we live, in the here and now …

workshop presentation: 21 july 2018

Toula Limnaios was born in Greece in 1963. After completing her studies in classical and modern dance, M. Alexander and Laban technic, music and dance education in Brussels, she worked as a dancer with Claudio Bernardo and Régine Chopinot, andas an assistant with Pierre Droulers. Toula received further education at the Folkwang University, where she soon became a member of the Folkwang Tanzstudio. Limnaios performed live- improvisations together with the musicians Conny Bauerand Peter Kowald. In 1996 she founded together with Ralf R. Ollertz the cie.toula limnaios, a contemporary dance company that brought her choreographic art on to the stages worldwide. Apart from directing her ensemble, Limnaios works as a guest choreographer at the Theater Münster, Theater Osnabrueck and the Frankfurt University of PerformingArts. Between 2007 and 2008 she was a guest professor at the „Ernst Busch“ Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin.

Ralf R. Ollertz was born in 1964. he studied composition, electro acoustic music, piano and conducting. In the age of 21 he became musical director at the wuppertal erschau spielhaus. In italy he studied composition with salvatore sciarrino and at the folkwanghochschule in essen with nicolaus a. huberanddirkreith (electroacoustic music). He was the artistic director of the ensemble for new music »goahead«. Overthe last 20 years, he has written chamber music and orchestra scores as well as electroacoustic music and radio plays, for which he received numerous international awards and scholarships. Between 1998-2004 he was sound designer in the film studios babelsberg. In 2002 he composed the short opera “carcrash” together with willy daum for the state operahouses in hannover and stuttgart. Tours, radio and television productions have brought him to countries throughout europe, southamerica, the usa, japan, australia and africa.

16 – 20 July

15:00 – 20:00

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