Martha Arnaoutoglou – ContaKids

ContaKids is an activity, which is addressed to children 2 to 5 years old and their parents or an adult caregiver. Working with the body, the movement and physical contact, parents and children are developing a new form of communication between them.

ContaKids ,is a method which promotes the idea of using the physical contact aiming to develop a more substantial form of communication between the parents and the children in a pleasant way. Working physically and kinetically the child is able to improve his kinetic abilities, his self esteem, while the parents are developing a relationship of trust with their children.


Aims of the method :

  • An hour which the child and the parent may share devoted to each other
  • Develoment of movement (kinetic) abilities
  • Change of everyday ‘s movement routine
  • Development of a new, non verbal, communication
  • Development of trust and self esteem

22 – 23 July

For information and registrations email to:

Free admission

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