Digital Dance

Marianna Kavallieratos

29.07 – 01.08  | 10:00 – 14:00

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Title: ‘Digital Dance’
Point – Space
Material – intangible
Alone – Team

What do we define as digital dance?
How is digital movement translated in the physical body?
How does the human body understand it outside a screen?

Triggered by the above differences, and looking for their meeting points, we will focus on how can this subject matter of the digital imagery can produce movement material.

We will study ‘digital motion’ and how this can become a three dimensional body, without the technological means, involving the physical body and its power and beauty only.

Exploring individual movement researching, volumes, speeds and letting them lead into unknown grounds, finding our connections or disconnections with the space and with each other, not necessarily in physical contact.

We will also work closely with music and sound, and how this can create a common word of communication.

Due to the ‘building together’ nature of the workshop, total availability is required.

The workshop is addressed to young dance professionals and professional dancers if general, or people with a dance experience.

Studied contemporary dance and choreography at ‘The Place’ London Contemporary dance school. She continued her studies at S.N.N.Y. Purchase in New York as an exchange student for one year. Then she studied Graham technique at the Graham studios in NY.

Since 1992 she is a close collaborator of Robert Wilson at the Watermill Center of the arts and humanities in Watermill NY.

She has performed as a dancer at the following Robert Wilsons productions: T.S. Eliot—Une Femme douce—Persephone—The Days Before DDD III—Wings on Rock—Prometheus—Alcestis(the opera )—Relative light, ‘Odyssey’, ‘Sonnets’.

She has presented the following of her own choreographic works: ‘Bastet’, ‘They’, ‘Stations’, ’Recalculate’, ’AutoRun’,’Moment’, ‘Normal Operation’, ‘I’m this….I’m that’.

At the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, Onassis Cultural Center, Watermill Center, Spoleto, Berlin, Stavros Niarhos Foundation

The piece ‘SKIN’ a long duration performance was comitioned by NEON/MAI at the occasion ‘AS ONE’ in Benaki museum in 2016.

A site specific dance performance ‘STREAM’ ,as part of Removement project was presented at the Arsaki Arcade in Athens .

She teaches dance composition at the National School of Dance in Athens, also has given movement workshops at the Watermill Center NY at Veaki school of Drama, Embrosthatre, as well as open dance classes at DANCE cultural center and many dance studios, in Athens.

For information and registrations email to:

29 July – 1 August

10:00 – 14:00

Marianna Kavallieratos | Digital dance

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