Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre – Twisted Genders

Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre – Twisted Genders

A modern couple encaged in a square framework shaped by the clothes of their daily garde robe, behind, the ancient statue of Eros transforms them magically into their opposite sexes.

Main aim is to meet each other’s alter ego, experiencing the unusual. A transgender duet for the human existence which surpasses in the passing of different historical eras their habits and the battle between sexes and finally, seeks love and companion in eternity beyond “stereotypical” gender roles and prevalent views about gender stereotypes.

Concept – Choreographer- Costumes: Fenia Apostolou
Performers: Maria Manoukian , Konstantinos Katsoudas
Music Selection: Silia Karfopoulou
Sets: Dimitris Filios
Light Design: Tasos Sklavounos
Photographers: Athina Sarigiannidi, Christos Mathioudakis, George Anastasakis
Communication Officer: Haralabos Bertsatos
Production: Lydia Lithos Dancetheatre

21 July

21:50 Venizelio Conservatory of Chania

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