Lito Anastasopoulou & Knut Vikström Precht – Partnering workshop

Approaching humans – partnering practice

We are social creatures; our brains are wired together. We need each other to exist. That’s why we practice together.
Dancing is largely a social practice. On stage, in the studio, in the club, around the bonfire or at the bus stop. Dancing together is way of tuning in with our peers, through non verbal communication. Sharing an experience, a story, a moment, a song. Becoming one as a group, following a rhythm, blurring the lines between bodies. It is a way of creating connections, curiosity, joy and understanding.
In this class, we practice through approaching our fellow practitioners. By our body constantly being in relation to one or many others, we access tools for further developing and cultivating coordination, sensitivity, playfulness, and different forms of awareness; bodily, social, spatial, rhythmical and personal. How to approach a human.

Dance Days Chania Summer Workshop

What we do

Clearly directed interactive tasks create the circumstances for improvisation and individual research and discovery. We offer exercises, games, situations to train and develop clever, open bodies ready to adapt to the given circumstance. We want to expand personal possibilities and enrich movement vocabulary.

Lito Anastasopoulou & Knut Vikström Precht (former dancer Ultima Vez) | Partnering workshop

In pairs or larger constellations we practice
Musicality / timing
Handling risk and fear
Weight sharing / mechanics
Exploring the (individual) extremes and limits of our bodies and selves
Imagination & curiosity
Joy of movement and dancing

We believe in the value of people working and functioning together, adapting, influencing and offering new possibilities to the personal work of each participant.

How dependent or independent are we on the other person while working together?

Be generous to ourselves and to the others.

Working in an environment of collaboration, we are creating the place where connection is not broken but maintained.

18 – 20 July

17:00 – 20:00

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