Synthesis out of comfort zone + soundbath

LFacting – Labros Filippou

27.07 – 31.07  | 10:00 – 15:00

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Synthesis comes from the Greek word “Σύνθεσις”, a compound word consisting of συν (syn = with, together) and θέσις (thesis) – verbs: συν + θέτω. συν + τίθιμι = put together, compose.

The term appeared already in Ancient Greek drama by Aeschylus. Back then, its functionality and use was linguistical, referring to the formation of syllabuses and, later on, words.

This means that synthesis is actually the epitome of the meaning of structure or it even literally means structure — the act of building, of creating. Synthesis is about the act of creation, the act of putting things in place so as to create a composition. Synthesis is the composition.

Elements together in harmony. The team. The work. The dramaturgy.

Let’s build a performance from scratch. We’ll call the process ‘Synthesis’ and we will choose the out-of-comfort-zone condition to start building in there.

This workshop is open to dancers, performers, actors, musicians, vocalists, poets, acrobats of all levels of experience.

This workshop will include a sound-bath session by ATBC. The ATBC sound healing environment includes Byzantine hymns, Shamanic voice drones, animal voices, numbers and countertenor vocalisms.

Stages of this work:
Self-observation, breaking the patterns that obstruct expression, embracing the ‘out of comfort zone’ condition as a terrific and always refreshing creative model and mechanism, self-value, maximum expression. Improvisation as Life.

This work is based on the practical axes of:
Physics: Potential energy and kinetic energy co-existing in a body always ready to move. When the body stands, it doesn’t stop. It balances on an axis that goes from the center of the Earth to the center of the Universe. You can consider this to be either wrong physics or meta-physics. Either way, this thing works. It’s about re-acting.

Architecture: Relationships can define characters. All you need is a simple shape and a clear axis between two or more people. It’s all about perspective. It’s about the Architecture of Relationships. Without the relationship there is no story.

Grammar is responsible for musicality in spoken word.

Music consists of Rhythm, Melody and Harmony. Music is everything.

Organic speech is a musical and full of frequencies speech – even in silence. Organic body is a dancing body – even in stillness.

This work will take place under the umbrella of the “out of comfort zone” condition, applying the exercise “Reverse Dramaturgy”.

It is an exercise about freedom of expression and an educational task about breaking free of all the behavioral patterns and comfort zones that obstruct expression. This is a work about the revelation of the on stage characters through the on stage relationships.

This revelation will “dress the performer up” with all that the here and now suggests.

Labros Filippou (@labros.filippou) is a New York based countertenor artist, director and performance coach from Greece.

Labros has been active in the Greek art scene since the early 2000’s, praised for his out-of-the-box philosophy with the projects YIANNEIS, WORLD DOG, ATBC, THE PEASANT and more collaborations with musicians from the underground, avant-garde, avant-pop, world music, folk and electronic music scene.

He has also starred in TV series and movies, as well as directed, composed music for and performed in theatrical and dance plays. Highlights include the renowned Herodium Ancient Theater, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Onassis Foundation GR, Megaron of Thessaloniki, Theater Rotterdam, and Biennale Film Festival di Venezia with the likes of M. Marmarinos, F. Zeffirelli, D. Kokkinos and Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Danae & Dionysios and others.

Since moving to the US in 2015, Labros’ core focus has been the foundation of LFacting (@lfacting), his Theater & Performance Teaching program about freedom of expression and creativity with no borders.

Labros’ work is a no-genre music & performance act and a clear calling for a universal experience about oneness.

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27 – 31 July

10:00 – 15:00

Labros Filippou | Synthesis out of comfort zone

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