Kinitiras – My Own Fish

Family show Dance Days Chania

My own fish emerged within the EK PLIXI (Surprise) action which started by Kinitiras company in 2012. The basic element of this action, as implied by its name, is the unexpected, by the children, encounter with a dance theatre happening.

The performance, which is based on the story “The fisherman and his wife” by the Grimm brothers, recounts the insatiable desire of man for ever more commodities, its anger when he finally loses these, but also his daze when confronting the inevitable, death. The deadlock passion for greed and acceptance of loss as an inevitable part in the circle of life, are the performance’s main themes.

Concept: Antigone Gyra
Music: Orestis Tanis
Direction/Choreography: Antigone Gyra, Johnny O. and the company
Movement curator: Ioanna Kampylafka
Costumes: Constantinia Vafiadou
Artwork: Iasonas Venetsanopoulos
Video: Antonis Rozakis
Dramaturgy consultant, lyrics, text: Chara Yiannakopoulou
Lighting: Anti Steve
Assistant director: Angie Valsami
Performers (double casting): Johnny O., Anthi Theofilidou, Lia Chamilothori, Vasilis Yiannelos OR Artemis Lampiri, Vlasis Pasioudis, Kandy Carra, Kostis Daskalakis
Fish’s voice: Angelos Papadimitriou
Mermaid’s voice: Aliki Avdelopoulou
Duration: 65’ (without intermission)

Photographs: George Anastasakis

Addressed to children of 5 to 12 years old

20 July

21:00 Venizelio Conservatory of Chania

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