Francesca Foscarini – CANTANDO SULLE OSSA

Francesca Foscarini – CANTANDO SULLE OSSA

Dance Days Chania Performance

What happens when the will abdicates and the body lets itself be guided by movement? What happens when it indulges in the pleasure of being lost in the vastness and emptiness of space? Looking for the right place for the body, a body whose bones, clinking like glass, are the only thing that remains.

Creating and performing: Francesca Foscarini
Light design: Tiziano Ruggia
Technical care: Matteo Fantoni
Costume: Federica Todesco
Duration: 15 minutes
Production: Aldes, Kilowatt Festival (I)
With the support of: Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa (I)
Developed through the project Choreoroam, supported by Operaestate Festival Veneto (I), The Place (UK), Dansateliers
(NL), Dance Week Festival (HR), Dansescenen (DK), Teatro Pradillo/Certamen (E)

Photographs: George Anastasakis

19  July

21:30 Studio OxoNou

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