Dimitris Spyrou & Fotis Nikolaou – Connecting the voice with the body

Dance Days Chania Workshop

Dimitris Spyrou is a musician-performer from Lemessos, Cyprus. He composes music for dance and theater performances, and he participates on these either as the composer or the performer on stage. He participated in performances and music,dance and theater festivals in Cyprus and abroad, while he is organizing workshops with subject the voice’s and movement’s organic entity which is created from singing.

In reseach of a simplified way of thinking for the direction of his personal expression, his artistic creation focuses on the voice as an independent musical instrument , as a source of rhythm and melody and the experiences as main source of inspiration. On the occasion of the Dance Days festival in Chania (2016 participation with the performance ”A room to grow”), he suggests a workshop based on the simplicity and the urge.

The workshop investigates the connection between the voice and the body, and how singing may give the stimulus for the participant to discover his expression in the group or individually.


19 – 21 July

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