Diego de la Rosa – “What if…” – Creation workshop with Teenagers


de la Rosa

“What if…” –

Creation workshop with Teenagers

In the times that we are running, our society is everyday finding new cases of ADD, especially in the youngest ones. Since they are born, they grow up surrounded by touch screens, phones, laptops and infinity of other technological stuff. Too much information for our everyday life… that our minds and brains feel totally overwhelmed.

Everyday is harder to focus and to stick to one idea, there is too many possibilities that we cannot decide for one.

Times where we were born knowing what your life will be are gone. It’s harder to find people who follows what their parents have been told, times where if our parents where farmers, I knew I will end up being one, getting the information from them and then having the responsibility of passing it generation to generation.

This times that are now running brought us to an infinity of possibilities where everyday life I can change my mind and be something or someone else, so many different options that sounds like a good deal but also can bring us to an enormous lonely feeling, depression and to an insane feeling of being lost.


With this work I am interested to show to the new generations the idea of working hard for a reason, to have a goal and to fight for it, to have the freedom to choose but to commit to that idea without dropping from one another. Because we all like scores and the feeling of achieving goals but without the daily work we won’t be able to reach anything. Small steps bring us into big steps and big goals won’t be reach without the small ones.

We will work with different movement tasks, theatrical situations, improvisation and movement research, connecting our minds, bodies and hearts into one direction.

The idea is to achieve our own personal goals in order to support each others work. We will discover what team work means but first we will need to understand how do we work, because we won’t be able to help others if we are not capable to help ourselves.

The workshop’s creation will be presented on July 19th during the 10th Dance Days Chania festival.

16 – 19 July

10:00 – 13:00

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