Dance Days Chania 2011

The progressive emergence of the contemporary dance in Chania started in 1990 -1996 with the International Contemporary Expressive Dance festival (art. directors: E. Caloutsi & G. Markantonakis) and continued with the Medirerranean Contemporary Dance Platform in 2004.
The four days Contemporary Dance Festival – Chania 2011 attempted, with passion, a new start aiming to continue the vision.
We launch an interaction, with groups from different culture transcending geographical boundaries. With a modest beginning but with great passion we offered a creative presence of resistance through dance in a period when the dreams are aborted.

Participating companies:

cie Nina Dipla
Nina Dipla
Yelp dance co.
Magma dance co.
Dalika dance co.
Syn-Kinisi Contemporary dance co.

31 July – 3 August

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