A POEM: …And then the train does not stop / and I remain in the station for centuries / and the cold wind blows under my skin / even in the midsummer days / under my skin the cold wind remains. / Under my skin……under my skin news / Under my skin news, lies, false news / Under my skin war, hunger, revolutions / Under my skin fast food, Mc Donald, George Bush / Under my skin KFC, D. Cameron, Putin / Under my skin Israel, Gaza, Massacre / Under my skin Oil, War, Persian Gulf / Under my skin Syria, Tunisia, Egypt / Under my skin Hiroshima, Auschwitz, Vietnam, Georgia / Under my skin fire, me and the questions / questions / questions / And under my skin that train is not going to stop in this station, it seems. (by Mehdi FARAJPOUR)

Dance Days Chania Performance

CONCEPT : We live in the world of words, of phrases, sentences and letters. Just a short walk around wherever you live in, would reveal this fact. Names, titles, signs every corners of the city, every street, every shop, every cafes. Add to this all those traffic signs, advertisements, newspapers (with their news whether false or right) and the information whether useful or not. These all are over feeding us with nothing indeed. In a better word, they try to feed us before having hunger. “A city without any written word in it”. Is it a dream or an Utopia?

Created: 2017
Duration: 60 min
Genre: Interdisciplinary Choreographic Performance
Concept, Direction & Choreography: Mehdi Farajpour
Performers: Antonio Izquierdo Martínez, Neus Canalias Avila & Gwen Sampé
Music: Szymon Keler, François Sardi, Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz (Desert Equations)
Video & Stage design: Mehdi FARAJPOUR
Production: Oriantheatre Dance Company (FRA)

Photographs: Dejan Stifanic, George Anastasakis

19  July

20:30 Venizelio Conservatory of Chania

Tickets: 10euro regular – 7euro student, unemployment

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