Aria Boumpaki

Awakening of kinetic consciousness

“Awakening of kinetic consciousness” is the principal core (caudate nucleus) of an improvisation and instant composition workshop.

The aim is the exploration of new moving and creative paths through consciousness. Working in three levels: physical-kinetic, intellectual, mental-emotional like movement archeologists we will “dig” the body until “here and now” will emerge on the surface. Developing skills that connect us with ourselves and the environment, we are driving to paths and creative horizons that were nesting already in our bodies, but they didn’t find a way out. Tolls to develop concentration, hearing of the environment, sharpening of the sensations, making decisions, kinetic desire, togetherness and enjoyment… will become the lever which will multiply our dancing power.



This path will lead to team dance improvisations and instant dancing compositions where observation, conversation and recording of the creations will become an important point of this workshop. The workshop is aiming at professional and amateur dancers, professional dance school students and all who wish to work with their bodies and movement regardless of their dancing background.

21 – 23 July

17:00 – 20:00

For all information and registrations email to

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