Giant Steps Lab

Section: Meet the Choreographers

Alina Sokulska

31.07  | 15:00 – 16:30

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What is Giant Steps Lab?

It is an education platform founded by Alina Sokulska and Giant Steps Dance Group, creating space for workshops, intensive and regular dance classes.

The approach is broadly aimed at educating our body sensibility, find the ways for a natural movement expression, establish the connection between the energetic resources in our bodies and the universe through a creative movement practice and dance improvisation.

Giant Steps Lab is a space free of genres, tags and cliches. Here we appreciate dance cultures and align our body and mind in respect with music-movement connection. Working with techniques of body isolations & footwork, as well as improvisation approaches built on imagination & sophisticated musicality, we experiment with building a movement language for expression and communication.

The class is open for non-professionals with previous dance experience, movers working with social dances, as well as to students.

What do we research on our sessions?
learn dance techniques: body isolations, UK jazz & swing vocabulary, fast footwork, armwork, groove.

is as important on our classes as dance: some aspects of music theory useful for dancers, tools how to listen to the music and interact with it dancing.

dances we learn come from underground dancefloors, communities and environments that often had a powerful social & political message. We dive into history of jazz dance and what surrounded it.

finding your voice respecting the traditions of the dances we study. Learn the techniques to improvise to jazz music, using your body as means of musical expression. Make the steps “yours”.

Alina Sokulska is an international dance artist, choreographer, performer, instructor and researcher. She has developed her dance language through every dance and movement practice she has even learnt since she started dancing at 3.

Through the inspiration, deep research and more than 12 years of practice of African-influenced social & urban dances, in a mix with contemporary dance techniques and movement research concepts, Alina’s improvisation style crystallized as one with strong presence of footwork, body isolations, sophisticated musicality & abstract storytelling.

Together with her group Giant Steps, Alina has been holding dance education programs sharing her original methodology for professional as well as amateur dancers, academic environments as well as social dance events, sharing her dance improvisation approach through individuality, imagination and rhythm.

Currently Alina is collaborating with the top dance and music events, music bands, as well as working on experimental performance scenic pieces. She has taught a docent collaboration at Conservatori Superior de Dansa of Barcelona Institute of Theatre and was an official representative of dance at International Jazz Day’18 host by UNESCO and Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz. Alina is a founder and curator of Evolution Solo Weekend, a festival and a platform for education in social dances since 2012, and is carrying out her doctoral research on performance art at University of Barcelona’s Comparative Literature department.

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31 July

15:00 – 16:30

Alina Sokulska | Giant Steps Lab

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