Alexis Vassiliou – The embodiment of pleasure. Intimate (Inter)actions

I wish to share with the workshop’s participants my research, regarding the embodiment of pleasure.The participants will approach the different qualities of physical contact through touching, proximity ,intimacy and finaly the way which the body has been re-assigned as an agent of intensions.

Dance Days Chania workshop

During the workshop we will focus through improvisation exercises to the following:

a) the neurological fuction of touch

b) the different movement qualities arising from the spatial proximity

c) the involuntary and voluntary fuctions which are activated when two bodies come in contact

d) The emotional memories which are coming up with the physical contact -how the emotional condition changes depending the intention and quality of touch.How the body is activated to move -with what ways/tensions- having as a beginning the emotional variances

e) How the senses may be exarcerbated because of the different qualities of touching and the conscious observation of the ebodiment of pleasure

f) The unique and liberated dancing/moving outcome originated from each participant when the body’s senses have been activated

17 – 19 July

For information and registrations email to:

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