Aphrodite Antypa [Workshop for children and teenagers]

S_G_____ 4

20-22.07, 11:00-13:30 Workshop for children and teenagers based on the Re: Rosas the fAbuleus Rosas remix project, Aphrodite Antypa

An implemented proposal based on the movement motifs used at the Re: Rosas remix project that we’re been working for more than two years in the school and the studio environment with young students.
I would like to share this co-creation process during the Dance Days 6 in a three day workshop aimed the younger ages. The young creators, after discovering the movement motifs, they will shape in their own way their kinetic exploration. During the workshop they will discover the contemporary dance’s basic principles, the different movement qualities, the exploration in space and the relationship they will develop between them, having as a core the specific movement motifs given from A.T.de Keermaeker for this project. The participants will choose their composition possibly enriching it with their own movement phrases and improvisations. At the end we will videotape the upcoming result, sharing and participating in this project.