19 – 21 JULY     .    16:00 – 19:00     .


The main goal of this workshop is to broaden our capacities as performers. We use a complementary approach of learning skills and practicing how to use them within a performing context.

We are interested in a highly physical movement vocabulary which challenges our body in multiple ways. We aim for a full body awareness and the comfort to move through all levels, axes and dynamics. To achieve that we practice full dancing, using elements of acrobatics, improvisation, partnering and set movement phrases.

The broadening of the body’s capacities is used as a base for researching performative qualities. In this sense, we are curious about how we can view each movement material in a way that it can become malleable and expressive. We are interested in each person’s creativity, in how they use their body to express things on stage. To that goal we will be using a lot of theatrical exercises, instant composition, exercises of observation and feedbacking. In the end, we will create an open stage environment, complimenting and inspiring each other within the group, with the ultimate goal of growing as a whole.

The workshop is targeted of physical performers of any kind. We would be happy to teach to people not only from a dance background.

Born in Barcelona in 1991, Patricia discovers at a very early age her passion for dance. Since she is 6 years old she attends ballet and contemporary dance lessons. In 2013 she receives a Bachelor degree from the Law department of the University of Barcelona and finishes her dance understudies at AREA Barcelona. At that moment she decides to focus on her dance education and enters the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance SEAD in Austria, where she collaborates with different international artists like Paul Blackman, Jos Baker, Eduardo Torroja, Francisco Cordova, Edivaldo Ernesto, Martin Kilvady, Janyce Michellod, Libbi Farr and many more. In Salzburg she awakens her choreographical interest that results in different pieces, ̈May it please the court ̈ 2015, ‘’Bardo Vals’’ 2017 and ‘’All these places have their moments ̈ 2016 that was performed in different venues around Europe and won of the audience price at the ‘’Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid’’.

Patricia currently works in the new production of Jasmin Vardimon Company and keeps creating together with her collective La Otra Familia.

Alexandros Anastasiadis (1987) owns a Bsc in Physics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Technische Universität Berlin) and a degree of dance (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). He had created and performed various dance and street theater performances with the Dance And The Mind collective in Thessaloniki and Berlin. He is a founding member of the La Otra Familia collective with whom they won the Audience Award at the Certamen Coreografico de Madrid in 2016 and have performed in festivals such as Deltebre Dansa, Dance Days Chania etc. In 2017 he started working with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, in the productions “In spite of wishing and wanting”and “Trap Town”. Since 2011 he has been teaching his “Organic Acrobatics” workshops ( Chania Dance Days Festival, Dock 11 studios etc.) Through these workshops he aims to connect elements of acrobatics, dance and other disciplines he has practiced and most importantly, share his passion for movement.