the body is the last space for freedom

24 – 26 JULY     .    10:00 – 15:00     .


PeepDance is a site-specific dance event that creates new, unexpected experiences for the audience – The body as the last space of freedom. We are constrained by conventions and are peeped at most of the time. Are we losing our privacy? Where is Reality Culture taking us?

PeepDance performances consist of 3 – 5 unique dance pieces inside 3 – 5 ‘peep’ cells, performed simultaneously to the same music. The audience is invited to walk around the cells to ‘peep’ and experience contemporary dance through a new lens and surprising perspectives. Installation and dismantling of the cells is fast, inexpensive and easy to do.

PeepDance is performed across the globe, sometimes as an International collaboration: Chosen professional dancers with high movement abilities, strong theatrical presence and creative improvisational skills are invited to perform PeepDance with members of the company.