Tickets price: 10,00 euro (regular), 7,00 euro (kids, student, unemployment)

24.07 | 20:00 |Venizeleio Conservatory of Chania
cia Baal

A dance and video-animation show for the youngest ones, born from Joan Miro's universe. A selection of his graphic works provides the frame for the piece. The vivid colours, the geometric shapes and the apparent “totipotence” of the “figures and characters” kindle the fantasy, suggesting that anything is possible.

As by witchcraft the paintings get alive and take us to an imaginary cosmo-universe: An adventure full of discoveries and surprises.

Artistic director: Catalina Carrasco
Drama assistant: Pau Bachero
Technical direction: Gaspar Morey
Lighting: Manu Martínez
Creation and interpretation: Aina Pascual, Catalina Carrasco, Gaspar Morey
Original soundtrack: Kiko Barrenengoa (He took exquisite care in creating a soundtrack suited for the youngest audience)
Video animation: Adri Bonsai (Nominated to the Goya awards 2018 with Woody and Woody from Jaume Carrió to the best short cartoon)
Costumes: Mulberry Spiral
Puppet design: Leo Alburquerque
Voice assistant: Aina Compte
Duration: 45 '

Family show.

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