19 JULY  .  15:00 – 17:00     .     20 – 21 JULY  .  10:00 – 11:30

The pedagogical circus offers children the chance to get to know the abilities of their bodies, and the fantasy of their mind in a creative and supportive environment. It is a non formal education tools that promotes cooperation, respect, co existence and non competition.During this workshop kids will have the chance to play with juggling and floor balancing toys, theatrical clown games and aerial acrobatic silks. Practicing Circus arts promotes refinement of sensomotoric skills, builds stamina and concentration and empowers self esteem. At the end of the workshop the young artists will do an open presentation. 

For kids 5 to 10 year old

Marianthi Mota studied Dance and Circus in Thessaloniki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Leuven, Valencia and other European cities. She is teaching dance, improvisation and circus in kids, youth and adults. In the field of social work she is leading groups of artists, social workers, and volunteers in implementing artistic workshops and performances with people with disabilities, prisoners, psychiatric patients, Roma people, and refugee children. During the last years she coordinates European exchange projects for circus artists and trainers. As a freelance performer she realized mostly in Thessaloniki, dance and circus performances, children’s theater plays, site specific shows and performance projects. She considers dance, physical theater and circus, valuable tools of psychosocial and personal development.