Tickets price: 15,00 euro (regular), 12,00 euro (student, unemployment) for 4 performances [Verso la luce, Is he?, Grab, Goofy]

25.07 | 22:15 |Venizeleio Conservatory of Chania
Maria Novella Tattanelli/ MNT projects


We find ourselves as a result of something. Our decisions allowed us to be who we are. We might feel grabbed by our Karma being affected by a reality that we did not choose as a result of inner causes previously, maybe unconsciously, established. Standing out of this causes, we start to make a change, breaking the chains of their effects. We go back to follow the same pattern under a different perspective to find the freedom of a new beginning. The piece would like to give the audience a sensitive reflection about what really means being stuck into by situations, education and social environments in our life.

Movement is focused on a high physicality and deep research in order to explore a range of emotions reflecting our personalities, discovering, throughout different speed and organic approaches, grounded and extreme sensations.

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