Tickets price: 15,00 euro (regular), 12,00 euro (student, unemployment) for 4 performances [Verso la luce, Is he?, Grab, Goofy]

25.07 | 22:30 | Venizeleio Conservatory of Chania
Roni Chadash

"To the woman he said.. and your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you." Genesis 3:16

‘Goofy’ in Hebrew means MY body. I wanted to raise a question mark on that, and check if we could really own our bodies. In our modern reality, where people are treating each other like a piece of meat, it becomes even more relevant to me.
‘Goofy’, is an attempt to understand how a body can lose its innocence, and how something so amorphous can transform into the known and common creature called “A WOMAN”.

Choreography & Performance: Roni Chadash
Lighting Design: Amir Castro
Rehearsal manager: Dana Shoval
Set: Adam Gorlizki
Music: Arvo Part, Nicolas Jaar, Chopin

Supported by the Embassy of Israel in Athens