Bastet Kavallieratou c.Axis Ataxis

Ticket prices: 10,00 euro (regular), 7,00 euro (student, unemployment)

28.07 | 21:30 | Venizeleio Conservatory of Chania
Marianna Kavallieratou

The impregnable fortress of the remaining sun.

BASTET is considered by the Egyptians to be the goddess of cats. According to the tradition, she lived in the dark, because she could not stand the sun. However, she was the protector of the God Sun.
Inspired by the omnipotence of the Greek sun, perhaps the only non-negotiable element of our country, and the presence of the cat as a trademark of the Greek islands, the neighborhoods of Athens and all the Greek cities, we create a collective dance through the bodies of six women.

BASTET is a group dance about the power of absolute femininity, female sensuality, and the power of feminine nature that incorporates the essence of the “cat” as a supreme symbol of independence and female craftiness.

Concept – Choreography: Marianna Kavallieratos
Music: Dom Bouffard
Lighting Design: Eleftheria Deko
Costumes: Vasiliki Syrma
Choreographer's Assistant: Aspasia-Maria Alexiou
Production Supervision: Maria Vasariotou
Production Management: Delta Pi
Performed by: Gavriela Antonopoulou, DimitraVlachou, Myrto Grapsa, Iro Konti, Anastasia Brouzioti,