20.07 | 22:00 | Venizeleio Conservatory of Chania

"arba" is the first section in a trilogy creation that actively comments on the culture and conflict of Palestine. This introduction emphasizes the underlying groove of a nation in trauma. Themes of unity, perseverance, and loss are stripped and exploited in their truest form. "arba" is a product of viewing the present conflict in the middle east from the American Sociological Symbolic Interactionism stance.

From this focal point, we, as an observing and creating body can utilize dialect to allude specific images and deduce correspondence between humans. The first section titled “arba” employs a boyish spirit and vigor contrasted by intense romanticism allowing the full spectrum of human capacity to saturate the space.

Premiered: March 28th, 2017
Dancers: Nicole Caruana, Eddieomar Gonzalez-Castillo, Claude Johnson, Mercedez Mize
Music: “Indignados” by Kefaya, “Seigfried Idyll” by Richard Wagner, “The Anxious Battle for Sanity” by Antonio Sanchez

Tickets price: 12,00 euro (regular), 9,00 euro (student, unemployment) for 3 performances [Jerahuni Movement Factory, UANA Dans]