Dance Days 7,Chania 2017

We announce with great pleasure the application process for participating in

Dance Days 7!

For all of you interested in participating we cite the applications’ terms and conditions of the Festival

Applications’ submission

  • Applications’ submission dates are November 1st 2016-January 21st 2017 at the website htpp://
  • The candidates may submit applications according to their proposal .We posted on our website applications regarding:
  • Participation in the festival with a performance
  • Participation in the festival with a workshop
  • Specific application form as part of parallel actions/events.

For any participation with performances , workshops, parallel activities, the terms are specific for each case.

The acceptance per case of the terms and conditions is a requirement for the application’s submission.

General terms of submissions

We would like to inform the applicants that a necessary requirement for the validity of their application’s submission is the attachment of the following:


  • A video presenting the entire performance
  • Photos of their work
  • Brief description of the performance
  • Brief biographical note
  • Technical requirements


  • Detailed description of the workshop
  • Proposed duration (hours and dates)
  • Candidate’s video teaching the workshop or a lesson
  • Brief biographical note

Parallel actions/events :

  • Detailed description of the proposed concept
  • Number of participants
  • Event’s duration
  • Audiovisual material

Applications which will not include the above audiovisual material and documents, per case, will be considered incomplete for evaluation and therefore invalid.

We would like to point out that the Festival has the ability, mainly, to host performances with maximum 5 dancers and 60' duration.

The candidates will be informed via e-mail for the final selection, within 30 days from applications’ submission closing date.

The chosen artists must present in the Festival their work submitted in their initial application, without modifications. Otherwise the organizing committee is legalized to cancel the participation.


Terms of payment

  • The dance companies will be paid from the tickets’ sales or the workshop’s income (excluding tax fees). It is prerequisite for the participants payment to issue an invoice providing the company’s or the choreographer’s name . Without this invoice the Festival’s organizing committee won’t be able to complete the payment. For the Dance companies from abroad a similar invoice is required for any amount’s payment transaction.
  • In the case that two or more choreographers will present the same day their work, they will split the tickets' sales income
  • For the selected works regarding video projection, parallel actions, lecture e.t.c. there is free admission, therefore no payment is expected for the presentation.


Advertisement and promotion

The organization committee is responsible for the festival’s promotion: posters, programs, flyers and any further printed and audiovisual material, press conferences and promotion through mass media and electronic press.

The participants are requested to certify the granting of the promotional materials’ rights (photos, videos) they submitted , either for the each presentation’s promotion or the Festival’s promotion and advertisement.

It is fair your involvement in the promotion of your participation in Dance Days 7, Chania 2017, strictly after the official announcement from the organizational committee.



Possible dates for Dance Days 7 are :July 17-28.

Performing and parallel action spaces (performances, lectures, video projections e,t,c,) will be cultural points of Chania (theaters, open theaters or other suitable spaces).

With the completion of the selection process the Festival spaces will be finally announced for all Festival’s events and actions with the consultation of the participants.


Technical support

The Festival is providing its light designer and sound designer and integrated technical support. This service is free of charge for the companies.

The companies which have their own technical crew are totally responsible for its expenses (accommodation and transportation).



The companies may use the space where their performance will take place (with all technical infrastructure provided) for their technical set up and dress rehearsal as follows:

  • 2 hours for pieces up to 20 minutes duration
  • 4 hours for pieces up to 40 minutes duration
  • Special arrangement with the technical crew for pieces with longer duration .There is the possibility to provide studio space for further rehearsals upon request from the companies.


Accommodation for the participants and further amenities

  • For the participants with performances and workshops we provide the option, tobe hosted at volunteers/collaborators homes or hotel rooms, if they wish.
  • The hospitality’s duration is covering the arrival day and the Festival participationdays with a performance or workshop. In case of a longer stay in the city, theparticipants are responsible for their accommodation expenses. The participants will get discount coupons (25%-40%) for meals during their participation in theFestival, in selected restaurants.
  • The Festival covers the airplane or ferry boat return tickets and no furthertransportation expenses, of the artists from Greece or abroad. The maximumcost is 250 Euros /per person, no luggage fee included. The Company will besurcharged for any cancellation or change of the tickets that the Festival is notresponsible for. The Festival will undertake by exception the transportationcharges that exceed the 250 Euros limit in the case of lack of prevision from thelow rate airline.
  • The air tickets are low rate airline tickets including only one hand luggage perperson, for transporting more luggages the fees will be charged to the participantand not the Festival. The companies will be charged for their set’s transportation .The Festival is notresponsible for sets staying in the performance space after the end of theperformanceFor the transportation and accommodation of the participants with a workshop ora parallel action/event ,the terms for transportation and accommodation will bedifferent per case. In case of a chosen video projection during the Festival ,theabove terms for transportation and accommodation are not applying, only theobligation to equally project and promote the available material.

We want to thank you as are looking forward with special interest to receiving your applications.

Artistic Director

Sofia Falierou

Dance Days Chania Team

More Information:

Organised by: Association of Expressive Dance "Syn-Kinisi"